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Somebody Pinch Me!

Looking in the mirror lately I see someone living this really cool dream but it wasn't a dream that was recognized as a dream until the opportunity presented itself to make it come true. Confused? Hang in there with me and I'll explain.

I have always loved making paper which is evidenced by years of my family good-naturedly saying, 'Beck - can you make paper out of this?' while holding up a variety of objects; banana peel (yep), soda can (nope), newspaper (yep), used napkin (nope), etc. You get the picture. So when I got the chance to learn paper making in a class at the Kansas City Art Institute I unknowingly positioned myself for this yet unknown dream.

After the class I was given the opportunity to join The Cherry Pit Collective, an all-female (or female identifying) art studio where I could continue to study the art of paper making with my mentor, Kelsey Pike (Sustainable Paper+Craft). One day while making a new batch of paper, stereo tuned to the Indigo Girls, it occurred to me that I used to imagine myself creating art while listening to Amy and Emily. Their music always evokes a strong emotional response while simultaneously giving me the freedom to express those emotions. I burst into tears. Luckily, I was alone in the studio because this lasted a few minutes while I just stood there, absorbing the absolute joy of the moment.

As completely amazing as that realization was, that wasn't really the 'not a dream' part. So what part is that? Its taking everything I have learned and turning it into a business. A real business! I have a real business name, a business website, a business Instagram account, almost a business Pinterest account and my very own business logo for Peaceful Grin Studios:

I guess I should be worried about getting customers and completing sales but really, I am just so happy that you clicked on my website and had a quick read about this really cool thing happening in my life. Welcome to my dream! It's nice to meet you!

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