5 notecards and 5 envelopes in each set.  Perfect by themselves or ready for decorating with your favorite ephemera.  Sure to bring a smile to the face of the recipient!


Available in the following colors:

  • White - basic white
  • Hook em Orange - this one is getting close to a burnt orange.  cool in the summer, warm in the winter.  gorgeous!
  • Serenity Blue - A muted blue with a dash of gray, much like the ocean on a cold winter's day
  • Winter Sage - A lighter green with gray undertones and a surface that has that velvety softness like the sage plants  just as the weather begins to turn colder.
  • Pine Green - a saturated dark green
  • Plummy - a deep purple with more red than blue
  • Mint Chip - A light green color reminiscent of the experience you have when you first open the container of mint chip ice cream and that sort of frothy appearance of the surface is dappled with little chips
  • Grape Ape - Deeply saturated purple but still bright and energetic
  • Fallen Leaf - a medium brown with a dash of red
  • Mama's Cold Brew - a delicious medium brown
  • Zebra - 99% black and white cotton fabrics mixed with abaca giving it a sturdy structure with a completely groovy, fiber-filled surface.
  • Petals - A mixed assortment of petals in reds, purples, green and brown adorn this beautiful Tan 100% cotton paper.
  • Peachy - Made from recycled pima cotton bed sheets and abaca. Pima cotton is made from the long fibers of the cotton plant and you can really see them in the paper.
  • Berry Smoothie - The color and texture of this paper is just like a berry smoothie
  • Tan - light brown 
  • Buttercwup - A gorgeous soft yellow color - almost a whisper - that will add the perfect accent to any project or notecard.
  • Overcast - The color is reminiscent of a sky filled with medium gray clouds but with the promise of a sunny day behind them.

Notecard Sets

  • A2 Folded Notecard - 4 1/8" x 5 1/4"

    A2 Envelope - 4 7/8" x 5 3/4"