Pulp painting is really cool and can be done in so many ways.  This particular piece is a freehand drawing on a white sheet and the pulp was overbeaten abaca (abaca fibers beaten for 8 hours) which was pigmented then placed in small plastic bottles with a spout.  The abaca took the pigments well and retained them which allowed for less bleeding into each other and a more defined look to the lines - especially the black lines.  My love of science really blossomed when I took a microbiology class in college and when I finished this piece I said it looked like a gram stain gone bad.  Gram staining is a differential test to help determine what kind of bacteria you are looking at in a lab and the cells will either stain purple or red.  For these pieces, I recommend floating glass frames because I think the back is just as interesting as the front - like the colors are caught in a web or something.

Under the Microscope